Sunday, June 21, 2009

L'Oreal White Perfect ,radiance boosting double essence with tourmaline

The L’oreal Rosy Transparent Essence is a new formulation that uses finely milled pink tourmaline gemstones in the essence to promote microcirculation in the skin and to reflect a rosier pinker countenance and complexion. It claims to help skin achieve pinkish rosy glow and improve yellow and uneven skin tone .
Overall rating: 8/10
Packaging rating: 8/10
Price rating: 9/10

Review: So far,after using the product for about 3 weeks,I start to fall in love with it!The texture is light! Not thick or creamy as I thought it would be! The scent of this product smells abit like peppermintAt first,I'm a little bit skeptical and reclutant to try out this product because of my previous awful experience with L'Oreal Skin care:The pure Zone range.So,@ first I only use the product on my neck to check if I will react negatively to the product.In fact,my skin is fine with i and I find the essence provide moisture for my neck After 1 week observation ,and I see no breakouts on my neck I dare myself to try it on my face.The essence feels light on my face as well and it moisturise my skin.My skin feel so smooth after applying the essence.I thinks this has something to do with Lactic and Glycolic Acids as these acids does does some gentle exfoliation on skin.No breakouts happen when I use the essence twice a day I did indeed see some glowy pink rosy complexion after using the essence

Repurchase: Will give it a thought


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