Saturday, March 27, 2010

Avene Cleanance Anti-shine Regulating Lotion:Reviews

5star over 5 star
Overall rating:10/10
Product rating:10/10
Price rating:10/10

The Claim: Avene Cleanance Anti-shine Regulating Lotion -This light emulsion has been speicaly formulated to fulfil oily sensitive skin needs.The combined sebum secretion regulation action of Zinc gluconate and concentrated extract of Cucurbita is reinforced by the addition of vitamin B6.The pores are tighten,the skin is clear.Its exclusive absorbing microcapsules are ensuring a long lasting hold of the make up.Rich in Avene thermal spring water,this emulsion is also soothing and softening on skin

Reviews:This is one excellent make up base,I swear! *beams*

Even for oily sensitive skin
Its mild and gentle enough to be used even on the most sensitive skin

I get white runny emulsion in the toothpaste-like tube.The white runny emulsion is suitable to be used on day and night moisturiser
Non-pores clogging agent,thus allow skin to breath freely.Reduce excessive secretion from skin even from first usage.

When use under make up,it help to absorb oil resulting in fresh looking make up up to 10 hours.
I don’t see the need to use blotters anymore ever since I start using this emulsion as my day moisturiser.

Eventhough it works to reduce sebum secretion, I feel the moisture level in my skin is balanced out nicely.I tend to notice that most anti-shine moisturiser tends dry out the skin surface,but not with this emulsion.
Also after I apply this emulsion,my pores are tighten : )

Whenever I have breakouts at times,this emulsion helps to clear my skin without irritating it --another plus point : )

Zinc and pumpkin seed oil(Curbita pepo) ,its two main ingredients works hand in hand to reduce shiny skin appearance while Avene thermal spring water provide skin with continuous hydration and soothing properties on stressed skin

At 40 ml its available in Watson,Guardian and selected Parksons outlets for rm 68.90

Application method:After toner and eye care,squeeze out the amount of about 20 cents coin.Dot it across the cheeks,chin,noseforeheads,jawline and then spread it out evenly.May apply sunblock later.Make up as usual

Pro:Tighten pores,mild&gentle on skin,regulate sebum,reduce shine on skin



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Avon Anew Luminosity Ultra Advanced Skin Brightener SPF 15 UVA/UVB :Reviews

4 star over 5 star
Overall rating
Product rating:8/10
Price rating:8/10

The claim:This revolutionary Avon Anew LuminosityUltra Advanced Skin Brightener SPF 15 UVA/UVB treatment not only helps correct existing discolorations and uneven skin tone,but actually helps reduce new spots from forming wit patent pending Diamonex Plus and SPF sunscreen.Works to even and brighten dull-looking skin associated with sun damage and the natural ageing process.Keeps skin looking luminous and vibrant for years to come.
Instantly,skin acquires a healthy,luminescent glow and looks supple.Protects against UVA/UVB rays
In just 7 days ,works to slow new skin discolorations from appearing.Skin is dramatically more even-toned,brighter and more radiant
With continued use,freckles,age spots and discolorations on all skin tones are visibly faded.Helps to block new discoloration from forming

Review: I come across this moisturiser when I’m searching for Sun Protectant Factor(SPF) infused day moisturiser.I get it from none other than Avon after I tried one of their skin care,Clearskin blemish stick to be exact,and Im impress with the result.I tried this moisturiser for 6 weeks before I can write a review on it.
I don’t really fancy the smell of this moisturiser.It smells funny,I couldnt find a word to describe it precisely =.=

For starters,it comes with a with infused sunblock ,maybe that will explain its odd scent.After using spatula to scope out the cream,I can see that its texture are thick,I mean really thick to the extent that it cant drip unlike emulsion or lotion.

According to the ads it contains the patent pending Diamonex Plus that works to brighten the skin,thus giving skin a healthy looking skin tone while correcting dull skin tone by brightening skin.

My first impression of this cream is that it did brighten skin upon application,thanks to its tiny glitter -like little specks..Initially this cream dry up my skin if I use it alone after applying toner.
However the problem can be solved by applying a hydrating moisturiser before I slap on hydrating essence/serum or even hydrating cream

I suspect that the dryness this cream brings to my skin is due to its infused sunblock.I have long know that sunblock causes skin dehydration.That’s why I always apply a layer of hydrating before putting on sunblock : )
I can see that my skin appears more radiant with healthy luminous glow with continuous usage of this cream.

This brightening cream comes in a typical cream packaging but lacks an applicator.I ave to use my own spatula to scope the contents out.

Apart from that since this moisturiser only comes with SPF 15 sunscreen,its not sufficient to even protect skin from the harmful UVA and UVB when I stay indoors.Therefore,I apply sunblock after I put on this cream

Available in 2 sizes: 30ml and 15ml.Priced at rm 69.90 for 30ml and rm 42.90 for 15ml

Pro: Does brighten skin,apart from that I cant see anything else

Cons:Its quite drying for my skin type ,only available in Avon beauty boutiques or thru its Avon dealers,doesn’t comes with an applicator which I hope it would comes with : (

To use: Apply this cream after toner .May apply make up as usual after that

Repurchase: No

Estee Lauder ‘Take It Away’ Gentle Cleansing Oil:Reviews

5 star over 5 star
Overall rating:10/10
Product rating:10/10
Price rating:10/10

The claim: Luxurious cleansing oil quickly dissolves long wear and waterproof make up ,dirt,impurities with the gentles of touches.Use it before ur favourite cleanser or on its own .Aloe Vera and other botanical ingredients help calm skin,leaving it soft,clean ,supple-----with no oily residue or greasy afterfeel.Non-drying for all skin types,lightweight enough for oily skin.Created exclusively for and tested on Asian skin.Dermatologist-and ophthalmologist-tested

Review: I get a sample size(30ml) of this cleansing oil from a friend of mine who works in Estee Lauder as product manager.Thats when I gets my first experience using cleansing oil to dissolve my make up.
Contrary to my belief that cleansing oil will irritated the skin and leave skin with greasily residue and oily afterfeel Estee Lauder did prove me wrong.

I try to stay away from cleansing oil for about 1 year plus after my disastrous trial-and-error with Elianto cleansing oil which left my skin with major skin breakouts.
This cleansing oil do its job well in removing make up,leaving my skin squeaky clean without stripping my skin of moisture,leaving my skin soft and supple. : )
Normal make up dissolves when comes into contact with this cleaning oil.Even cleansing up waterproof make up after long days after shooting is a breeze and real time saving

Great to use as part of double cleansing routine or on its own.However ,after removing my make up @ night,I still prefer to clean my skin with a facial cleanser.
I did try to use this cleansing oil in the morning when I feel my skin is a bit tight and dry after 10 hours slumber.This cleansing oil live up to its name,its gentle to touches and I instantly feels my skin moisturized (without any greasiness)

It contains ingredients that are beneficial to skin such as olive oil(anti-ageing,anti-oxidants),Evening primrose(vitamin E,for overall skin radiant) and cucumber extract(to sooth skin),rice germ oil(to deeply clean skin,to absorb excess oil and lift impurities)

According to my friend,individual with dry skin types will greatly benefit from this cleanser as its clean and moisturise skin in at the same time.
Even those with oily skin can use this cleansing oil as its lightweight texture didn’t overhelm even the acne ridden and oily skin.In fact I heart this cleansing oil so much that upon exhausting my sample size ,I dashed out to the nearest Estee Lauder counter to puchase one full size
I like the bottle.It comes with a pump,thus making it easy to use.Just pump out the contents and can start cleansing ritual.The gold and dark blue bottle also add a touch of glam and luxury to its overall glass bottle with its gold wordings.Somehow the bottle reminds me of ancient Egypt where their Pharoh's casket are carved from gold and colored with blue dye : )
All that luxury comes with a price tag of RM 110 for a bottle of 200 ml

For me the true meaning of luxury in this bottle are :Best of all,this cleansing oil didn’t causes my skin to breakout unlike Elianto’s and sooth my tired and stressed skin after long day exposure to hot studio lights

Pro:Comes wit a pump so its convenient to use,sooth tired&stressed skin caused by long hours wearing make ups,remove all traces of make ups,even the waterpoof ones,gentle to skin,hydrates dry skin types while deep clean skin,non pore clogging agent,leaves skin fresh and clean minus oily after-feel


To use: Make sure that face are dry before starting the cleansing routine.Pump out about 50 cents coin from the bottle onto dry clean palms.Then slowly massage the oil onto face in a gentle circular motion as to breaks the make up chemical bonds.Massage for about 5 seconds on each spot before oving onto the next.May start with both cheeks ,jaw line and then move on to the sides of noses,up to the nose bridge and up to the entire forehead ad finally all the way down south to upper lips and chin.Next, rinse off the cleansing oil with normal tap water.In this step ,clear water turns white upon coming in contacts with skin.Continue on rinsing for a few times untill the water turns clear again.May wipe clean the skin with a piece of tissue paper and continue with toner or may follow up with regular cleanser

Repurchase:Definitely YES!

M.A.C 168 Large Angled Contour Brush:Reviews

4 star over 5 star
Overall rating:8/10
Product rating:10/10
Price rating:9/10

The Claim: 168 large angled contour brush comes in a soft natural fibres bundled for grab.Its large dense rectangle with fluffed angled tip is perfect for application,sculpting,shaping and blending with using powder products

Reviews: I was looking for a suitable brush to use together ith my Chanel bronzer when I stubled upon this wonderful brush.

Its soft fluffy bristles makes me fall in love with it instantly.According to my M.A.C make up artist,ts made of bleached pony hair,thus explain its white bristles.

Applying powder bronzer is a breeze when using this angled brush as it does not leave obvious streak across my jaw line.Its large dense brush allows me to blend powder bronzer well.It picks up necessary amount needed,not too much nor too little.Its fluffy bristles is a treat on my skin as its not prickly at all,compare to most brushes that are made with pony tail.

Retails at RM 138 at all M.A.C stores in the country.M.A.C stores are located in Pavilion,Suria KLCC,Mid Valley Megamall,Sunway Pyramid,Aeon Tebrau City Shopping Centre(Johore),1 Borneo HyperMall (Kota Kinabalu),The Spring(Kuching),Isetan Lot 10,M.A.C Sogo KL,Gurney Plaza(Penang)

Pros:Offers precise application and easy blending with this brush,no more worry of unsightly streaks across the jaw line

Cons:Its white bristles kinda bug me to wash this brush every time I use it

Repurchase:Will consider as I’m thinking to get Benefits similar angled brush,it cost only RM 99

Avon Invisible Blemish Corrector(Acne Treatment Lotion) :Reviews

5 star over 5 star
Overall rating:10/10
Product rating:10/10
Price rating:10/10

The claim: Contains active ingredients the likes of Salicylic Acid 1.5%,Methylparaben 0.02%,Benzoyl Alcohol 0.008%

Review: My first impression of this Invisible Blemish Corrector:Acne Treatment Lotion is it looks 95% smilar to The Body Shop Tea Tree Gel Blemish Stick

The only diffrence is their colors,Body Shop’s colorless while Avon’s in light green color.They both smell alike!

When I go through the list of ingredients,Avon’s does not contain tea tree oil like Body Shop do.
But Avon’s in my opinion are more effective than Body Shop’s.Avon’s blemish corrector can dry up pimple in just a day compare to Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Gel Blemish Stick which needs 2 days to dry up pimples or to flatten them
I just need to apply the thick green lotion on the tip of my pimples and watch that spot subside in just 24 hours.

I find it to be really convenient to have the doe-foot applicator around as it ease my application making it precise ,only on the spot where I want it to be.

The blemish corrector can be used up to three times a day(depending on the severity of breakouts) but I use it once a day.I find that anything more than that dries my skin severely with unsightly peeling.So,I stay to once a day usage,which I apply it in the morning after Cleanser-->Toner--> Eye gel-->Blemish corrctor

Though it looks some what green in its transparent plastic bottle,its actually colorless when apply on spot(pimple).One Blemish Corrector can last up to 1 month(depends on ur usage)

Its going for rm 16.90 for 7 ml in Avon Beauty Boutiques.

Pros:Easy to use,help to flatten and dries up pimples FAST,economical

Cons:Can be too drying on skin and even irritated skin if apply excessively


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A tale of two masques

Alcina Clarifying Herbal Mask

Queen Helena Mint Julep Masque

Both mask comes in a easy to use fuss-free tube packaging.Both are green in color with Queen Helene's darker in color and thicker texture.
Both masks claims to deep clean skin and refined enlarged pores on skin
Both promises to shirink inflamed skin affected by acne as well as clears skin off impurities,the likes of blackheads,whiteheads and oil seeds.

claims to be a clarifying herbal mask white Queen Helena prides itself being a Mint Julep masque.Alcina mask smells like a mixture of clay and tea tree oil while Queen Helena have soothing minty scent

Alcina mask helps to unclog pores,dries up cystic pimples while leaving deep clean skin without stripping skin off its moisture.After just using the mask 1 time,I notice that the mask tighten my pores while leaving my skin with a squeaky clean and cool feeling.It sooth stressed out skin well.

Meanwhile,Queen Helena mask helps to dry up pimples and also absorb excessive oil secreation from skin.In my observation,Alcina mask helps to sooth pimples in a more efficient way compare to Queen Helena.

mask clean my skin to well till to the extent it dries up my skin quite a bit.

To me ,I feel that Alcina mask suit me more than Queen Helena mask since my skin is the normal type rather than oily type .

My verdict?I prefer Alcina clarifying mask over Queen Helena Mint Julep masque

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask:Reviews

4.5 star over 5 star
Overall rating:9.5/10
Product rating:9.5/10
Price rating:10/10

The Claim:Queen Helene Mint Julep masque is the original natural home treatment developed by a dermatologist that helps dry up acne pimples,rinse away blackheads and shrink enlarged pores
Simply apply Mint Julep Masque to your clean face and neck.Within minutes it firms and hardens,drawing out impurities from ur pores.After the masque is removed,your skin will feel cleaned,refreshed and smooth.Even for individuals who are fortunately free of skin problems,Mind Julep mask is a refreshing facial traetment that helps relax tires muscles and ease tensions lines on face and neck

Reviews: I was tempted to try this out on myself when I read it on MYB and other forum after seeing how the girls raved about It cost less than rm 35 for the goods to be delivered safely into my hands.Its economical its as it’s a big tube of 220ml mask plus free 30% mask.

One tube of mask can last about 6 months with regular twice a week use
‘’Wow’’ -----This is the initial thought I have the moment I unfasten its lid .The mask is 98% alike .it’s a type of clay mask.This mask is made in USA and contains no animal ingredient.Another plus point for this mask

Guess what,I don’t experience any untoward allergic reaction while using it.I would say this mask is (nearly) one great dupe of Alcina clarifying herbal mask.The only difference between this and Alcina mask is its texture.The texture of this mask is relatively thicker compare to Alcina’s ,which seems more like a diluted version clay mask

It works to dry off inflamed red pimples and clean skin off white heads and blackheads.And the minty scent helps to rejuvanate my sense after a session of pampering with this facial mask.It helps relieve tired facial muscle by provide cooling sensation which is relieving after a long day.I notice that this mask also provide skin tightening effects, apart of cleaning skin off impurities like regular clay mask do

Comes in tube form.Easy to use as I just have to squeeze it out ike how I would do with a tube of toothpaste.I have to apply the mask generously and spread it evenly for the mask to work its charm on my face and neck.

But I cant get this masque locally.
I have 2 options:To join in a spree organise by forum members and or order my item fom online sellers as some of them have ready-stock,I decide to get it from online sellers since they have ready stock as waiting time is cut short ,compare to getting the mask thru spree organiser.

Another thing I don’t fancy about this mask is that it dries out my skin to the extent it strip my skin off moisture unlike Alcina ,which only works to dries up my breakouts only not my entire face.Also I tend to realise that it actually dries out my skin more than breakouts on my face.Odd huh?

I try to limit my usage of this mask to only once a week since mine’s nomal skin type
Thus I suspect this mask only benefits individual with very oily skin and heavily acne ridden skin

Pro:Very economical,rm 30 plus for a 220 ml mask,benefit acne and oily skintype,easy to use,clean oily skin efficiently,relieve muscle tension and tired skin, rejuvenate senses,deep clean skin

Cons:Dries up my skin but not so efficient in drying up pimples,strip skin off moisture,cant get it locally

**Since it’s a clay mask,its very efficient in absorbing excessive oil secretion in skin**

Repurchase:Don’t think so

Alcina Clarifying Herbal Mask

5 star over 5 star
Overall rating:10/10
Product rating:10/10
Price rating:9.5/10

The Claim: ALCINA BALANCE KOSMETIK is based on dermatological research of Dr Kurt Wolff.The high-quality care systems that are matched to the special requirements of the different skin and hair types.For perfectly balanced individual beauty

With their cooling and anti-inflammatory properties,the natural active ingredients in this clarifying herbal mask help against skin impurities.Even oily skin with large pores becomes visibly clearer and more refined.

Reviews: I was introduced to this wonderful mask by my facialist.

At one point of my life,my flawless skin can @ times be a bitch when I don’t get my 10 hours a day beauty sleep

The mask smells like a mixture of clay plus mints mixed with tea tree oil ;)Don’t be fooled by its ‘’herbal’’ mask tagline.This mask is a far cry from any herbs infused mask,as I don’t detect any thing smells like herbs at all

5 minutes into applying the mask,I can feel that the mask start to dries off while leaving my skin soothe and fresh.Pores seems more refined and breakouts are greatly minimise in size(if theres any)
Even so,this mask does not dries up unaffected skin but in the contary it provides overall clean sensation without stripping my skin off moisture..It gives my skin a cooling sensation which I love

It comes in tube form,allowing fuss-free usage.For my face I normally squeeze the mask out about the size of 50 cents coin

Retails at rm 86.80 for 50 ml.Available in selected saloon carrying Alcina labels only
it’s a tad pricey for such a small tube of mask,but its worth every ringgit u pay for as its trully an S.O.S mask

Pro:Smells great,really clean my skin well,contains anti-inflammatory effects,refine pores

Cons:It’s a tad pricey for such a small tube!
Repurchase : Yes

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Doll finally falls in love with...Avon?!?!?!

I detest Multi Level Marketing(MLM) for as long as I could remember. To me,its WAY OVERLY PRICED and that their MLM dealers/peddlers= omg.Trust me,those dealers/peddlers are from hell,they will continue to harass u till u give in to their brain-washing scheme and purchase whatever they push under ur nose with their endless blab-ing

AMWAY,ELKEN,COSWAY,NUTRIMETICS,TUPPERWARE etc are just a few big names in the MLM industry.
I got no interest nor do I owned products manafacture by them.Oh wait a minute,I think I did own Tupperware tumbler that comes with a colorful pouch,back in my high school years :P

All my life,I swear I try to stay away as far as I coud from MLM dealers/peddlers as I don’t want them to poke their nose and start brain-washing me with their ‘’superior’’ product,each of them claiming to be the best in the entire world =.=
To me their product are way over-priced.As I can always get similar product in departmental stores.

Price issue aside,it’s the conduct of those unethical MLM dealers/peddlers that pisses me off lot..They criticise other products/brands other than their own but get terribly upsets and defensive when u don’t agree with them
And that they will blame consumer should any dispute on its effectiveness arises. That’s very disrespectful.That’s why I always say MLM dealers/peddlers are people from hell

But funny somehow now that I begin to fall in love with one of the MLM companies ,no other than........ Avon WTH?!?!?!
The fact I love Avon is its product value for money

I clearly remember that my love affair with Avon starts with a humble wand of Longest Lashes Ever lengthening mascara after my pals raved about its quality and price.It costs rm 19.90 for a tube ,similar to Maybelline Extreme lashes and XXL Extreme but for only half the price
I get my first ever Avon product from Avon Beauty Boutique as I don’t want any dealers/peddlers come and hard selling me.Since then,I gradually progressed to use their body lotion,skin care,body care and recently accessories. :)

I just got back from my Avon haul yesterday after spending rm 500 in a single receipt to bring back 2 bags of Avon products,filled to the rim.
I need to fill up my beauty suite again after giving most of my unused ,yet to open beauty loots to friends
For my purchase I get rm 200 worth of free gifts.Generous arent they?
Their gifts never fills to put a smile on my face as they hand out rather useful items namely cosmetic pouches,regular sized product,samples ,product discounts if u purchased above certain price
Note:Theres no hard selling involved.I was given the peace of mind to select the products I want without any parties involvde to try hard sell me anything,they respect my wish to be left alone when I select my products,and giving me space while I make my decisions ALL ON MY OWN WITHOUT ANY INFLUENCES

When I busy googling around this morning ,I found an interesting facts.One of our former Miss World Malaysia is Avon skin care user and also up coming Avon skincare ambassador!!
To find out who the beauty queen is click on

I shall post soon on my Avon product review when time permits me to do so
YES,AVON CAN (Ya! Avon Boleh!)

Disclaimer: d3vil_doll in no way attached to Avon nor is trying to hardsell or promote Avon.This is merely the authors view.I will not tolerate any INSULTS or PERSONAL ATTACKS arising from this post.Just leave it if u don’t like what I said,as I’m entitled to the freedom of speech" type="text/javascript">

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Finally I have been able to post some updates after my long disapperance LOL ;)


Finally I have been able to post some updates after my long MIA
Sorry people!


Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Treatment-total repair treatment :Reviews

5 star over 5 star
Overall rating
Product rating:10/10
Price rating:10/10

The Claim:BC repair rescue with aino acids and Curatec proteins to intensifive reconstruction of the hair texture and structure which result in healthy,strong hair with improved suppleness and shine for long lasting beauty.Suitable for damaged,bleached,poropus,chemically proccessed,fried hair

Reviews: I was introduced to this by my stylists.

At one point of my life,my hair looks like a dead-fried-unmanageable-porous-dead-grass. =.=

The hair treatment leaves my hair smeeling great.Heart the smell.Even the bf loves it.My friends likes it :)

Not only leave my hair smelling great,it does more.It rehydrate and restructure my hair.At the end of the treatment my frizzy hair morphed into a head of sleek healthy hair with sheer shine that makes Rapunzel go green with envy.

The rich creme texture is not too runny so it makes application a brezze.A small amount of the product(the size of 20 cents coin) is needed for shoulder length hair.The size of 50 cents coins if ur hair falls below ur chest area.Although rich,it doesnt leaves behind a greasy nor oily feeling that can make hair appears limp and lifeless.

This can be a manafacture for professional use product at saloon,but it also suitable for consumers to use it weekly at home as follow up /maintainence treatments

Comes in a small handy container so u can bring it to ur stylist to have the treatment done or u can actually bring it along when u travel.

Retails at rm 89.90 for 200 ml.Available in soloon carrying Schwarzkopf labels

Pro:Smells great,really nourish and reconstruct damaged hair,tame frizzy hair,leaves hair with sheer shine


Repurchase : yes

Garnier Deo Minerals Light Extra- Extra Whitening Deodorant :Reviews

3 star over 5 star

Overall rating:5/10

Product rating:4/10

Price rating:5/10

The Claim:with lemon essence extract &active mineral -extra whitening that can be measured.Visibly reduced dark underarm areas

--Protection up to 24 hours

--Allow skin to breathe


Reviews: When I first notice this deodarant in Watson,I thought of giving it a try since it claims that their whitenning effects can be measure.

Retails at RM 7.90 for a bottle of 50ml,its pretty decent.

I love the fresh lemony-scent,its refreshing after shower in the early morning.

Though slightly bulky ,its applying it on the underarms is a breeze with a roll - on applicator

One month into using it,I didnt see any ''whitening effect on my underarm''.I'm somehow disappointed.But I keep on using it for some strange reason that I myself dont even know.

3 months into using it,I notice my underarms are lighten :)

Dont ask me how it happens.I guess it takes time for my skin on my underarm to react to the ingredients in Garnier

The one thing I dont like about this deodorant is the sticky feeling it leaves on my arm upon application.I have to wait for a full minute for it to dry =.=

** the dark patches on my underarm is a result from waxing

Pro: Covenient to use with the roll-on applicator,smells refreshing,fair price

Cons:Bulky ,leaves behind sticky residue upon application,takes time to show result

Repurchase: No

Friday, March 12, 2010

Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm:Reviews

5.0 star over 5 star

Overall rating:10/10

Product rating:10/10

Price rating:9.5/10

The Claim:Restructures,soothes,softens ang gives long lasting protection to lips that are cracked or damaged by climate or medical irritation

Reviews: I absolutely heart this lip balm to max!!Though its a little pricey for a lip balm *boo*

Retails at RM 29.90 for 4g in pharmacy,the likes of Watson and Guardian

I love the soft scent on my lips after applying the lip balm.Great to wear on its own or under lipstick .I must says this lipbalm is a must have item in every jet-setters handbags.It work as a lip first aid when u need it most.Though colorless .it leaves behind a sheer shimmer after application.When worn under lipsticks,it gives the lipstick more staying power and moisturise the lips continuously.

Also great for those working or spending a huge chunck of time in air conditioned places

As for the packaging,I love its chic white casing.Its small enough for me to even slip it into an evening clutch.I love the twist-to-use packaging.Convenient.Enough said

Application method: Unfasten the cap.Twist the base to get the balm out.Apply it on ur lips like how u appy lipsticks. Then press r lips together.Apply it as many times as u like during the day or whenever u need it.Apply at night time before bed so u will wake up with smooth,iresistable smackers!

*******Tips*******: Apply a little bit of the lip balm on ur lips after brushing ur teeth.And then by using the same toothbrush,gently brush against ur lips as to exfoliate it.U may also use another seperate brush for this purpose: Baby tooth brush.Then re-apply the lip balm before u hit the sack

Wake up to smooth,free -of-hanging-dead-skin

Pro: Covenient to carry around and use,compact &chic packaging, Provides continuous hydration to lips,repairs even chapped/cracked lips

Cons: Its pricey!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Pineapple Peeling Gel : Reviews


Overall rating:9/10
Product rating:8/10
Price rating:8/10

The Claim:This deep peeling gel containing cellulose particles and AHA from apple effectively exfoliates dry skin and eliminates sebum in pores.
Pineapple, aloe, and purslane extracts make skin clear and blemish-free. Use> After washing and towel-drying, massage onto face in a circular motion, and rinse with warm water.

Reviews: I like this peeling gel :)
It helps to exfoliate my skin,revealing new baby smooth skin underneath by eliminatiog dead skin cells surface

I use this peeling gel twice a week,followed by using sleeping mask or sheet mask with ampoule for DIY skin radiance maintainence

I normally use this gel at night after double cleanse.
To facilate skin turn over ,I use gentle circular stroke to massage my skin for about 5 minutes working my way up from chin to forehead
I then rinse off with luke warm water.I finalise the cleansing with cold tap water

I like its packaging.Tube type packaging is great to prevent product contamination
Its priced @ rm 43.90 for a tube of 150ml.Its afforable for students as well as 1 tube of this gel can lat for about 6 months with regular use.
Available @ all Skin Food outlet :)

Application method:Cleanser-->peeling gel-->toner-->eye care-->ampoule/serum/essence-->moisturiser


Cleanser-->peeling gel-->toner-->eye care-->ampoule-->mask

Pro:Reove dead skin cells throughly.suitabe for clogged pores individual as no tiny particles in this peeling gel,afforable,nice packaging

Cons:Not suitable for thse with very dry skin or sensitive skin condition


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya


Its the time of the year again.Wishing all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.For non-Muslims,happy holiday :)


Friday, September 18, 2009

Maybelline AngelFit Liquid Foundation: Reviews


4.0 out of 5 stars
Overall rating:8/10
Product rating:7/10
Price rating:7/10

The say:''Prefectly hides flaws,not ur skin''

Angelit flawless natural liquid foundation with pink pearl+Chamomile Essence,Royal Jelly and Vitamin E
Covers flaws without clogging pores,no atter how many layers you apply.A luminous and trasparent finish that perfectly fits ur skin tone.Dermatologically tested.Non comedogenic.Specially developed to suit Asian skintone

I was attracted by its pink packaging,truth to be told.
Its medium thick texture allow me to use it when Im in a rush.Its super blendable.
Can either use fingers ,foundation brushes or sponge to blend

I like its sheer pink shimmer in the foundation.So when I use this foundation,I can actually skip using highlighter.
However,I have a slight problem with the shade.It somehow looks a tad too yellow for my pink undertone skin =.=

This foundation offers sheer coverage to conceal minor pimples popping out and minor scar.
Very small amount of the product is needed to give a natural look.Pump out a pea sized foundation is enough for use on whole face and half a pea sized for use on neck

Can be used alone or after applying make up base.
Can also be used after applying sunblock since this foundation only offers little SPF,only SPF 17pa+

I like its slim packaging and pink pump.Looks chic :)

Its very afforable ,only rm 39.90 for 25ml.1bottle could easily last me for up to 8 months

Available in 5 shades.The 5 shades available are W01, N01, C01, W02 and N03.It retails @ rm 39.90 for 25ml nationwide


Pros:Vastly available,sheer coverage,easy to blend,cheap
Cons:Too yellow on my skintone,might not be suitable for individual with allergies towards bee/honey

Warning:If ur allergic to bee,stay away from this product

L'Oreal 100 years of beauty



Buy 1,get 2nd @ half price!
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*For same product purchase only
*Offer only applicable for purchase of Ultra-Volume Collagene Mascara or White Perfect Transparent Rosy Night Cream

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Garnier Deodorant


Just gt this deodorant from Watsons.Looking forward to try it out :)

Guardian exclusive: Maybelline loose powder mineral foundation @ rm 39.88


Date: 1st September-30th September 2009
Venue: Watsons outlet nationwide
Normal price: rm 59.90
After discount : rm 39.88