Saturday, March 13, 2010

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Treatment-total repair treatment :Reviews

5 star over 5 star
Overall rating
Product rating:10/10
Price rating:10/10

The Claim:BC repair rescue with aino acids and Curatec proteins to intensifive reconstruction of the hair texture and structure which result in healthy,strong hair with improved suppleness and shine for long lasting beauty.Suitable for damaged,bleached,poropus,chemically proccessed,fried hair

Reviews: I was introduced to this by my stylists.

At one point of my life,my hair looks like a dead-fried-unmanageable-porous-dead-grass. =.=

The hair treatment leaves my hair smeeling great.Heart the smell.Even the bf loves it.My friends likes it :)

Not only leave my hair smelling great,it does more.It rehydrate and restructure my hair.At the end of the treatment my frizzy hair morphed into a head of sleek healthy hair with sheer shine that makes Rapunzel go green with envy.

The rich creme texture is not too runny so it makes application a brezze.A small amount of the product(the size of 20 cents coin) is needed for shoulder length hair.The size of 50 cents coins if ur hair falls below ur chest area.Although rich,it doesnt leaves behind a greasy nor oily feeling that can make hair appears limp and lifeless.

This can be a manafacture for professional use product at saloon,but it also suitable for consumers to use it weekly at home as follow up /maintainence treatments

Comes in a small handy container so u can bring it to ur stylist to have the treatment done or u can actually bring it along when u travel.

Retails at rm 89.90 for 200 ml.Available in soloon carrying Schwarzkopf labels

Pro:Smells great,really nourish and reconstruct damaged hair,tame frizzy hair,leaves hair with sheer shine


Repurchase : yes

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