Friday, March 12, 2010

Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm:Reviews

5.0 star over 5 star

Overall rating:10/10

Product rating:10/10

Price rating:9.5/10

The Claim:Restructures,soothes,softens ang gives long lasting protection to lips that are cracked or damaged by climate or medical irritation

Reviews: I absolutely heart this lip balm to max!!Though its a little pricey for a lip balm *boo*

Retails at RM 29.90 for 4g in pharmacy,the likes of Watson and Guardian

I love the soft scent on my lips after applying the lip balm.Great to wear on its own or under lipstick .I must says this lipbalm is a must have item in every jet-setters handbags.It work as a lip first aid when u need it most.Though colorless .it leaves behind a sheer shimmer after application.When worn under lipsticks,it gives the lipstick more staying power and moisturise the lips continuously.

Also great for those working or spending a huge chunck of time in air conditioned places

As for the packaging,I love its chic white casing.Its small enough for me to even slip it into an evening clutch.I love the twist-to-use packaging.Convenient.Enough said

Application method: Unfasten the cap.Twist the base to get the balm out.Apply it on ur lips like how u appy lipsticks. Then press r lips together.Apply it as many times as u like during the day or whenever u need it.Apply at night time before bed so u will wake up with smooth,iresistable smackers!

*******Tips*******: Apply a little bit of the lip balm on ur lips after brushing ur teeth.And then by using the same toothbrush,gently brush against ur lips as to exfoliate it.U may also use another seperate brush for this purpose: Baby tooth brush.Then re-apply the lip balm before u hit the sack

Wake up to smooth,free -of-hanging-dead-skin

Pro: Covenient to carry around and use,compact &chic packaging, Provides continuous hydration to lips,repairs even chapped/cracked lips

Cons: Its pricey!


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