Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alcina Clarifying Herbal Mask

5 star over 5 star
Overall rating:10/10
Product rating:10/10
Price rating:9.5/10

The Claim: ALCINA BALANCE KOSMETIK is based on dermatological research of Dr Kurt Wolff.The high-quality care systems that are matched to the special requirements of the different skin and hair types.For perfectly balanced individual beauty

With their cooling and anti-inflammatory properties,the natural active ingredients in this clarifying herbal mask help against skin impurities.Even oily skin with large pores becomes visibly clearer and more refined.

Reviews: I was introduced to this wonderful mask by my facialist.

At one point of my life,my flawless skin can @ times be a bitch when I don’t get my 10 hours a day beauty sleep

The mask smells like a mixture of clay plus mints mixed with tea tree oil ;)Don’t be fooled by its ‘’herbal’’ mask tagline.This mask is a far cry from any herbs infused mask,as I don’t detect any thing smells like herbs at all

5 minutes into applying the mask,I can feel that the mask start to dries off while leaving my skin soothe and fresh.Pores seems more refined and breakouts are greatly minimise in size(if theres any)
Even so,this mask does not dries up unaffected skin but in the contary it provides overall clean sensation without stripping my skin off moisture..It gives my skin a cooling sensation which I love

It comes in tube form,allowing fuss-free usage.For my face I normally squeeze the mask out about the size of 50 cents coin

Retails at rm 86.80 for 50 ml.Available in selected saloon carrying Alcina labels only
it’s a tad pricey for such a small tube of mask,but its worth every ringgit u pay for as its trully an S.O.S mask

Pro:Smells great,really clean my skin well,contains anti-inflammatory effects,refine pores

Cons:It’s a tad pricey for such a small tube!
Repurchase : Yes


  1. I have a lot of love though I need other stuff tho other than LOVE alone :)