Saturday, March 27, 2010

Avene Cleanance Anti-shine Regulating Lotion:Reviews

5star over 5 star
Overall rating:10/10
Product rating:10/10
Price rating:10/10

The Claim: Avene Cleanance Anti-shine Regulating Lotion -This light emulsion has been speicaly formulated to fulfil oily sensitive skin needs.The combined sebum secretion regulation action of Zinc gluconate and concentrated extract of Cucurbita is reinforced by the addition of vitamin B6.The pores are tighten,the skin is clear.Its exclusive absorbing microcapsules are ensuring a long lasting hold of the make up.Rich in Avene thermal spring water,this emulsion is also soothing and softening on skin

Reviews:This is one excellent make up base,I swear! *beams*

Even for oily sensitive skin
Its mild and gentle enough to be used even on the most sensitive skin

I get white runny emulsion in the toothpaste-like tube.The white runny emulsion is suitable to be used on day and night moisturiser
Non-pores clogging agent,thus allow skin to breath freely.Reduce excessive secretion from skin even from first usage.

When use under make up,it help to absorb oil resulting in fresh looking make up up to 10 hours.
I don’t see the need to use blotters anymore ever since I start using this emulsion as my day moisturiser.

Eventhough it works to reduce sebum secretion, I feel the moisture level in my skin is balanced out nicely.I tend to notice that most anti-shine moisturiser tends dry out the skin surface,but not with this emulsion.
Also after I apply this emulsion,my pores are tighten : )

Whenever I have breakouts at times,this emulsion helps to clear my skin without irritating it --another plus point : )

Zinc and pumpkin seed oil(Curbita pepo) ,its two main ingredients works hand in hand to reduce shiny skin appearance while Avene thermal spring water provide skin with continuous hydration and soothing properties on stressed skin

At 40 ml its available in Watson,Guardian and selected Parksons outlets for rm 68.90

Application method:After toner and eye care,squeeze out the amount of about 20 cents coin.Dot it across the cheeks,chin,noseforeheads,jawline and then spread it out evenly.May apply sunblock later.Make up as usual

Pro:Tighten pores,mild&gentle on skin,regulate sebum,reduce shine on skin



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