Saturday, March 13, 2010

Garnier Deo Minerals Light Extra- Extra Whitening Deodorant :Reviews

3 star over 5 star

Overall rating:5/10

Product rating:4/10

Price rating:5/10

The Claim:with lemon essence extract &active mineral -extra whitening that can be measured.Visibly reduced dark underarm areas

--Protection up to 24 hours

--Allow skin to breathe


Reviews: When I first notice this deodarant in Watson,I thought of giving it a try since it claims that their whitenning effects can be measure.

Retails at RM 7.90 for a bottle of 50ml,its pretty decent.

I love the fresh lemony-scent,its refreshing after shower in the early morning.

Though slightly bulky ,its applying it on the underarms is a breeze with a roll - on applicator

One month into using it,I didnt see any ''whitening effect on my underarm''.I'm somehow disappointed.But I keep on using it for some strange reason that I myself dont even know.

3 months into using it,I notice my underarms are lighten :)

Dont ask me how it happens.I guess it takes time for my skin on my underarm to react to the ingredients in Garnier

The one thing I dont like about this deodorant is the sticky feeling it leaves on my arm upon application.I have to wait for a full minute for it to dry =.=

** the dark patches on my underarm is a result from waxing

Pro: Covenient to use with the roll-on applicator,smells refreshing,fair price

Cons:Bulky ,leaves behind sticky residue upon application,takes time to show result

Repurchase: No

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  1. yeah..this product are very reliable.for using this product the bad smell are finished.thanks.