Sunday, August 23, 2009

Olay Total White whitening cream with uv protection:Review

Overall rating: 4/10

Packaging rating: 7/10

Price rating: 6/10

Review: This product leaves my skin looking like I dab a whole lot of foundation on my skin and that the appearance of foundation isnt well blended.The product just sit on my skin,not seeps into my skin no matter how I blend the cream based texture moisturiser.I notice that it do nothing to even out my skintone after I get some minor sunburn and that my skin have minor tingling sensation when using the product.The cream leaves my face feeling oily after 3 hours of applying the product And it contains no SPF(eventhough on the pack its writen with UV protection),meaning I have to put on sunblock after applying this moisturiser

Comparision: Olay Total White vs Olay total Effects Gentle: I prefer Olay Total Effects Gentle more because the scent of Total Effects isnt as overhelming as Total White.Also Total Effects Gentle like its namesake is gentle on my skin,giving me no tingling sensation upon applying on skin,no breakouts but its drying on my skin,which is a pity

Repurchase: No

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