Monday, August 31, 2009

Tips to remove WATERPROOF mascara

Although waterproof mascara can be removed by using normal cream based make up remover/cleansing wipes,its best to use make up remover specially designed for the use of eye make ups on delicate eye area

-Try using lukewarm water and make up remover develop specially for eyes to remove the mascara.
-Apply generous amount of remover on ur cotton pads,then hold it on ur lashes for a good 10 seconds to dissolve the mascara bond to ur lashes.
-Then remove the mascara off in a swift yet gentle downwards swipe.
-That way,u can remove most of the mascara
-U may repeat the whole proccess using the same method untill all the mascara has been throughy remove.
-Finalise with lukewarm water.

Avoid tugging and pulling lashes as this contibute too lashes breakage,and lashes are more prone to ''fall off''

Among the good eye make up remover(can doubled up as lip make up remover) I have tried is Skin Food Milk Shake Point make up remover for eyes and lips and also Maybelline Make Up Remover-Eye&Lip

(Skin Food Milk Shake Point make up remover for eyes and lips)

(Maybelline Make Up Remover-Eye&Lip)

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