Monday, August 24, 2009

Red Plum vineger mask for brighter skin

A D.I.Y mask

1)after regular double cleansing face with make up remover and facial cleanser,use a gentke scrub in a circular stroke for about 5 minutes
2)Rinse off scrub with luke warm water
3)Apply about 3 tablespoons of vineger on 1 ply tissue.Also spray the tissue with distilled water/filtered water(NO TAP WATER!)
4)Putthe mask on face and lie back to relax.After about 20 minutes,the mask should have dried up
5)Remove the mask and apply skin care as usual or u can continue with hydrating mask before putting on skin care

**U will notice that ur skin will be smooth and brighter,pores finer
**Only do this mask twice a week,not more
**Use with care as some people with severe acne wil experience tingling sensation.If ur face starts to redden and the tingling is unbearable,remove the mask immediately and rinse face with lots of water

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