Sunday, August 23, 2009

Total Image Collagen supplements :review

Overall rating : 10/10
Packaging rating : 4/10
Price rating: 8/10

Reviews: I'm in love with this product!I saw the effects of using collagen within 3 days.The minor fine lines around my eye areas fade away after I consume the collagen capsules every morning.I can feel that my skin is moisturises and very well hydrated.Towards the second to third week of usage theres an ''inner glow'' from within my skinI dont like the packaging as it reminds me of the bottles used to store medicine.And the old screw back lids

Repurchase: Absolutely yes!!!!


  1. Seriously, saw the difference within 3 days? That is just so funny!!!

  2. o well,theres nothing funny.I guess my skin just react well to the collagen supplements.

  3. R u still using it after 1 year? how is it?

  4. Skin wrinkle reduction is one of the possible benefits of taking collagen supplements.

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  5. Collagen Supplements are often marketed as a way to restore collagen and reverse the aging process.